About Us

About Charlotte Friedman, the founder of DSG

My background is as a family law barrister, and Deputy District Judge. I am also a Family Therapist and Mediator. For many years, I dealt with thousands of divorces representing both men and women in their frustrating and costly journey through the law courts. I left the Bar in 2007 to set up DSG and together with our DSG therapists across the UK, provide vital emotional support for increasing numbers of people. I personally oversee the selection of all our therapists and am committed to helping people make their separation manageable.


Making separation manageable

Divorce Support Group is the Uk’s only expert, professionally run service set up specifically to help men and women deal with the emotional and psychological impact of their divorce and separation.

We aim to bring every community across the UK access to a local support service.

All our therapists are highly trained and skilled

We provide a range of support services to suit your needs.

Individual support – either in person or by phone.

Group Support – small local groups

Couples – mediation and couple therapy.